A 900-acre Demeter certified 650A Biodynamic farm in central Columbia County, NY

Hawthorne Valley at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

Hawthorne Valley’s Artisan Food Enterprises were invited to be one of several vendors at the American Museum of Natural History for the opening of their new exhibit, The Secret World Inside You, on November 10th. This new exhibit explores the complex world of the human microbiome, a network of about 100 trillion bacteria that live in and on each human being.

Andreas Schneider, Director of Artisan Food Enterprises, kraut makers Jared Schwartz and Laura Webster were joined by Martin Ping, Executive Director, at the opening to represent Hawthorne Valley and sampled sauerkraut, cheese, sourdough bread, and probiotic beverages, all made on Hawthorne Valley Farm. The booth also sampled hot sauce made by Poor Devil Pepper Co., the first participating company in Hawthorne Valley’s Incubator Program.

“It was striking to be in the Great Hall of the Museum underneath a Blue Whale suspended from the ceiling while listening to speakers acknowledging the connection between gut-health and our overall well-being – physical, mental, and emotional,” said Ping. “I am heartened by the expanding awareness related to food and health.”