A 900-acre Demeter certified 650A Biodynamic farm in central Columbia County, NY

Residential Camp Position Descriptions

Farm House Residential Camps

The Farm House Residential Camp provides campers ages 8 to 12 the opportunity to live and work on a real working farm. We wake to the rooster’s crow and end our day with stories and song. Our campers live in our 200 year old farmstead and experience an old-fashioned, technology-free summer in the country with long days spent swimming in our pond, hiking our hills, singing, creating hand crafts, gardening and playing outdoors in the fresh air! Farm House Camp staff will live in the farm house with the children in shared adult living quarters. All of our meals feature delicious, home-cooked fare created from food produced on our 700 acre Biodynamic farm and other Hudson Valley organic growers. Meals are eaten with the children in our family-style dining hall. Most requests and all dietary restrictions are gladly met.

House Camp Counselors are responsible for the primary care and co-managing of a dorm room with 6 to 10 campers. Counselors lead or assist with various aspects of camp sports, swimming in our pond, craft activities, games, hikes, and farm chores. Applicants must love working with school aged children and be willing to enthusiastically guide our young campers through a joyful camp experience.

Camp Counselors who are certified Lifeguards will be paid at a higher scale. Counselors must be at least 19 years of age. There are eight (8) positions open for the 2017 season. Residential camp staff will work six days per week during camp sessions with one scheduled day off. This camp is in session for six (6) weeks of programming with one (1) paid mandatory week of training prior to camp.

Salary Range – $2,500 – $2,750 for the eight week long season, pay is commensurate with experience and desired skills. Waterfront certification will be provided for those who are currently certified Lifeguards; re-certifications will be provided for those with current First Aid/CPR/AED training.

Mandatory Training – June 25th  – June 30th (you must be available for the full training)
Camp Duration – July 2 – August 12 (you must be available for the full duration of camp)

To apply for a Summer Camp position, please send an introductory letter with contact information to Camp Director Rachel Schneider. If you have a resume, please include it.

Field Residential Camp

The Farm Field Residential Camp provides experienced campers ages 12 to 16 the opportunity to live a farm to table experience through working side by side with our farmers, growers and specialty food production departments. Field Campers learn about food from the ground up and enjoy meaningful and productive work on our 500-acre Biodynamic farm while living on the outskirts of the farmstead in rustic cabins. Mornings are spent in the kitchens, fields and barns, and afternoons include off-site adventures, swimming in our pond, games, exploring the adjacent woodlands and creating hand crafts. The juxtaposition of production farming, active social activities, the quiet of the woods and technology-free programming make the Field Camp a unique experience. The longer sessions give teens space to step back from the pressures of their lives in order to deeply explore nature and have time to reflect on their world. All meals are eaten with the campers in our family-style dining hall. All food is locally produced and organic, with predominantly vegetarian menus which occasionally feature meat produced on our farm. The kitchen is happy to honor most requests and accommodate medical and dietary restrictions. Field Camp staff live in large platform tents adjacent to the camper’s cabins in a remote woodland setting outside the bustle of the farm. The Field Camp site is roughly ½ mile from the center of the farm accessible by paths and pastures and features a cooking pavilion, fire pit, outhouses, a small brook and plenty of solitude. Indoor bathroom facilities are located in the Dining Hall building.

Farm Field Camp Counselors report directly to the on-site Field Camp Manager and work collaboratively with the Farm House Camp Counselors, Waterfront Director and the Camp Nurse. Under the guidance of the Camp Manager, Counselors are responsible for caring for and supervising 16 campers ages 12 to 16 in a woodland campsite setting. Week day mornings, you will work side by side with the campers in the morning work stations. In the afternoon you will help to foster their love of the outdoors by leading them in creative, thoughtful activities and projects.

A successful Counselor enjoys living in a close-knit, family-style setting, is creative and physically active, will embrace living outdoors in a rustic setting, has good communication skills, loves working with teens and is willing to enthusiastically guide campers through a rich and meaningful camp experience. To be considered, you must be at least 21 years of age or older with a clean driving record and have successfully worked with youth in outdoor residential program or wilderness camp setting.

Field Camp staff will work six days during camp sessions. The work schedule is six (6) days on and one (1) scheduled day off per week. This camp is in session for six (6) weeks. There are two (2) paid weeks of training prior to camp. Male candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Certified Lifeguards will be paid a higher rate and will report to the Waterfront Director and Lifeguard Manager while on duty.

Salary Range – $2,700 – $3,000 for the camp season including two (2) weeks of training (June 18 – August 12) Salary is commensurate with experience. Those with current Lifeguard certifications will be given higher pay rate and waterfront certification if needed; re-certifications will be provided for those with current First Aid/CPR/AED training.

Field Camp Assistant Manager

Reports to and works closely with the Field Camp Manager, the Farm House Camp Manager, Camp Nurse as well as the managers of all of the farm production departments and manages four (4) Field Camp Counselors. The Field Camp Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting with training, managing schedules and supervising camp staff and leading off campus trips in the absence of the Field Camp Manager. The candidate must have at least 2 years of camp management and staff supervision experience and be 25 years of age with a clean driver license. The Field Camp Assistant Manager will be expected to work with the Field Camp Manager during the weeks leading to camp to coordinate scheduling and training and be in residence, living at the Field Camp site, from June 19th to August 12.

A background in fine arts, hand crafts, musical talent (instrumental or voice), outdoor education, waterfront safety management, wilderness programming or farming and gardening is strongly desired as well as a working knowledge or interest in Waldorf education. Successful candidates must be willing and able to live in wilderness conditions for the duration of the camp, work closely with young adults in a rustic residential setting, lead and manage staff through long days of scheduling, be able to stand and walk for long periods of time, have good endurance and be able to lift and carry 50 pounds. The work schedule is six (6) days on and one (1) scheduled day off per week.

Salary Range – $3,500-$4,200 for the actual camp season (June 19 – August 12). Salary is commensurate with experience. Wilderness First Aid, CPR and Lifeguarding certifications are all highly desirable – re-certification will be provided.

Move in day: June 18th, 2017

Mandatory Training – June 19 – June 30 (you must be available for the full training)
Camp Duration – July 2 – August 12 (you must be available for the full duration of camp)

To apply for a Summer Camp position, please send your application documents to Camp Director Rachel Schneider. The subject of your email should be your full name and the camp(s) or position(s) that you are applying to (example: James Smith, Residential Camps or Mary Jones, Dining Hall Manager). Alternately, you may post your documents for all camp positions to: Hawthorne Valley Farm, Children’s Programs, Attn: Rachel Schneider, c/o Main House, 327 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075.