A 900-acre Demeter certified 650A Biodynamic farm in central Columbia County, NY

Field Camp (12-16)

During our residential camp for ages 12 to 16, the adolescents experience the farm from the viewpoint of a junior apprentice. They work alongside our professional staff and participate in the daily rhythms of the farm. Campers are challenged and provided the opportunity to get unplugged from a high-tech world and reconnect to nature. During the afternoons, the campers enjoy swimming in our pond, arts and crafts, cook outs, journaling, working with the animals, our archery range, attending cultural events and much more.

Campers live in cabins in a wooded glen on the farm. Our Dining Hall menu includes delicious vegetarian meals and snacks prepared from scratch using biodynamic and organic ingredients. Campers and staff eat together family-style, fostering the community-building spirit of the camp.

13-Day Session for Ages 12 & 13 or New Field Campers  July 2 – July 14  ($2500) *** Full ***

An opportunity to learn about the work involved in the farm-to-store system. This session is for campers who are ready to take on the challenge of working for part of the day alongside farmers and other professionals who grow, process and cook healthy food. Traditional camp activities like swimming, games, nature exploration, crafts, music, and day trips add to the experience. Campers are encouraged to develop responsibility for self and others through productive work while living together as a community. Campers are expected to be ready to live in simple, outdoor living conditions and exhibit willingness and interest in helping the farmers.

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13-Day Sessions for Ages 13 to 16  July 16 – July 28  ($2500) *** Full ***

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13-Day Sessions for Ages 13 to 16  July 30 – Aug 11  ($2500) *** Full ***

This session challenges campers to be “junior apprentices”. Professional staff in the retail store, bakery, dairy, camp kitchen, and farm will supervise campers for part of the day. This session includes an extended overnight, off-campus camping trip and a visit to local cultural events including the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (dependent on the dates). Traditional camp activities include swimming, crafts, music, hikes, and more. Campers and counselors develop a tight-knit community where all learn to meet the challenges and reap the rewards of living and working together. Some goals for the campers include: developing responsibility for self and others; acquiring skills to live in a community setting; understanding the life process that sustains us; and learning how to commit to completing a job to its fullest.

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27-Day Sessions for Ages 13 to 16  July 16 – Aug 11  ($5000) ***Full***

This session is for campers ages 13 to 16 who are ready for the challenge of making the farm their home away from home!  We combine our last two week sessions for a 27-day experience. This camp is for the camper who thoroughly enjoys: living on the farm; working with our professional staff; learning about food from the ground up; making new friends; growing, eating and cooking great food; and enjoying life on the farm while being unplugged!

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Due to the challenging nature of these programs, only campers who are deemed mature, healthy, and interested enough will be accepted. All applications must include a Field Camp Questionnaire (PDF, 70 kb) completed by the camper. Each session is limited to 16 campers.