A 900-acre Demeter certified 650A Biodynamic farm in central Columbia County, NY

Vocational Programs

To everyone who experiences farming, gardening and land work as a “calling”, we hope that these offerings will help you in your own explorations of this time-honored vocation. Working on the land requires the development of special skills and capacities that include a strong, heartfelt relationship to the natural world.As our more instinctive and traditional connections to our soils, plants, and animals fade away and industrial agricultural methods impact our environment, we are given an opportunity and a challenge: can we rediscover a more intimate, conscious and respectful relationship to planet Earth and all her creatures? Can our farming and gardening methods give back as well as take from Nature? Can we organize our work such that the economics of our enterprises sustain us while also broadening our awareness of the whole?

seth_planting_cukesA vocation is more than a job. It implies an occupation as being particularly worthy and requiring great dedication. Farming is such a vocation. We hope these offerings are a beginning towards restoring agriculture as a foundational impulse for our own health and for the well being of our planet and our communities.

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Farm Beginnings Business Training & Skills WorkshopsHudson Valley Farm Beginnings® has been developed by farmers for farmers. Aspiring and current farmers, farmers in transition from conventional to sustainable agriculture, second career farm entrepreneurs, and landowners interested in developing farming enterprises on their land are all welcome to attend the various courses and events.

Biodynamic Winter Intensive: Since 1972, Hawthorne Valley Farm has been a working farm committed to the understanding and practice of Biodynamic agriculture. As society attempts to cope with the turbulence caused by an industrial approach to agriculture, the biodynamic concept of the farm as an ecologically sustainable whole is one that can help bring a timely solution to contemporary challenges. Biodynamic methods recognize the importance of both human and biological community life and strive to bring renewing forces to both. Through this series of offerings, we seek to further the understanding and practice of Biodynamic farming and gardening.

Apprenticeships: Since the 1980s, apprentices have played an integral role in life at Hawthorne Valley Farm. Apprentices become well-versed in Biodynamic agriculture and gain experience growing vegetables, raising livestock, and managing a farm enterprise. In the near future, we will also be formalizing our Artisan Foods Apprenticeships in the Creamery, Bakery, and Kraut Cellar.