A 400-acre Biodynamic farm in central Columbia County, NY


We hope you find what you are looking for. If you don’t, please ask any member of the staff!


When you walk into the Farm Store, we hope you’ll take a moment to revel in the vibrant colors of the produce department — it’s amazing what the earth can provide, especially with thoughtful tending!

In season, our produce coolers and bins are overflowing with produce from our gardens and from local growers. Most of the local produce is certified organic and/or Biodynamic. To maintain a large selection of fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, we also stock organic produce from around the world throughout the year. This is particularly true during the winter when there is a very limited supply of local produce.

To this end, however, Hawthorne Valley Farm is working in collaboration with other farms and organizations to grow the year-round supply of local produce. Programs such as Farm Beginnings and the Hawthorne Valley Farm Apprenticeship Program provide the next generation of farmers with both production and business skills necessary for running a successful agricultural enterprise.



Offering everything “from soup to nuts”, we strive to provide one-stop shopping for all your grocery needs. A broad array of packaged organic foods including cereals, wheat-free products, soy products, grains, juices, beans, pastas, baking goods, and condiments fill our shelves. There is an extensive line of organic coffees and fine teas.

For those who prefer to buy dry goods in bulk, we have over 60 bins filled with beans, pastas, grains, and nuts. Spices and herbs are sold both pre-bottled and in bulk. We also stock our shelves with pet food and paper, cleaning, and household products, and we have a selection of thoughtful gift items and books.


Whether you’re looking for local meat, organic ice cream, frozen fruit juices, or other items, you’ll be sure to find it in our Frozen section.


From gourmet cheeses and organic milk, eggs, sandwich cheeses, yogurt, and juices to pickles, miso, sauerkrauts, and other savory items, the Farm Store coolers are stocked with a variety of high quality refrigerated foods.


At the Farm Store, you’ll find a large selection of Wellness products including health and beauty aids, daily-needs products, and over-the-counter remedies (Anthroposophic and/or homeopathic). We also carry herbal and flower remedies, as well as essential oils for aromatherapy. Our staff is knowledgeable, so if you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Popular brands include Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, and others. We also carry locally crafted soaps.

Home & Garden

For the home or commercial gardener, we carry a variety of gardening supplies including compost, compost starter, potting soil, organic and biodynamic seeds, biodynamic planting calendars, and various books and other resources. In the spring, we have organic flower and vegetable seedlings available from local farms and ready to find a home in your garden!